Hannes Körber
  • Sphinx: Use CSV macro for simple Markdown-like tables
    How to use the "csv-tables" macro to get Markdown-like table syntax in Sphinx
  • Prometheus NFS client monitoring for UDP
    The rabbithole that is /proc/self/mountstats
  • Ansible Is Not (Yet) Perfect
    Introduction I have been using Ansible for over a year now, both at work and at home (for example to configure my Kubernetes cluster using kubespray. When I first used Ansible, I was blown away by its power and simplicity. And all that by leveraging the existing SSH server, without a new client setup? Awesome! But over time, I discovered more and more warts and limitations while using Ansible. In this blog post, I will go over all the cases where it falls short of the promises it make and where you start fighting against instead of together with Ansible.
  • Troubles with Drone on Kubernetes
    Currently, I am trying out drone to automate building of docker images for my kubernetes cluster. I have a Docker-in-Docker (DIND) setup in Kubernetes to enable building docker containers in drone. Yes, those are a lot of Docker layers! Kubernetes, then drone, the whatever Docker containers drone is building … but it works! At least, now it does. Before, I noticed that I did not have network connectivity inside the build containers.
  • Cloning a hard disk over the network
    This is going to be short: My old trusty laptop began showing signs of old age. The screen started flickering, a problem I already knew. Last time, I bought a new screen from Alibaba for ~100€, but wasn’t going to spend that much on a three year old laptop. So, new laptop it is. The Lenovo V110-15IAP looked nice, so I ordered it online. It arrived today, but I wasn’t going to spend hours to set up a new OS, copy all files over, check if everything is ok — and I also didn’t have an external drive to hold all files during transfer … there must be an easier way.